Taboola Site Level Automatic Bidding

How many times have you spent most of your days changing site bids on your most promising or top performing Taboola campaigns? What about late nights and early mornings when you are running campaigns on a different time zone?

If you or your agency was struggling with site bid changes on Taboola campaigns, now you can automate site level bidding across multiple Taboola campaigns without lifting a finger!

How does automatic site bidding on Taboola work?

Well, the process is amazingly simple! All you have to do is create an automatic Change Site Bid rule in your TheOptimizer Native account where you can specify the conditions for which the site bid change should happen. To give a better idea of what we are talking about, here’s a simple example rule.

In the above example, we are telling the system to Set the Site Bid to $0.8 CPC on all sites where all the following conditions are true:

– When the ROI for a given site is positive.
– When the tracker EPC for a given site is greater than $2.70.
– Apply these changes only between 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM based on London time zone.

Also, we are telling the system to check on all sites performance every 30 minutes if any new site needs to have their bid to $0.8 CPC within the specified hours interval.

What other options do I have when automating site bids on Taboola?

Depending on what works best for your campaign needs, you can do the following site bid changes automatically:

  • Set Bid To
  • Increase Bid by $ based on the current CPC
  • Increase Bid by % based on the current CPC
  • Decrease Bid by $ based on the current CPC
  • Decrease Bid by % based on the current CPC

Of course, when implementing Increase or Decrease site bid change rules, you will need to specify the minimum and maximum allowed Site bid in order to prevent any unusual high bid that could outbid the whole network as well as drain your account balance.

Want to try automatic site bidding for yourself?

Start your free 15 days trial now and see how easy it is to automate your Taboola campaigns site bid changes as well as other optimization tasks.

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