These Placements Won’t Show Up On Your Tracker

Recently we got several reports from our users where they were noticing a miss-match between the clicks from the traffic source and campaign link visits recorder in their tracker (see screenshot below)

At first we thought this could have been a possible issue with stats aggregation on our platform, but after carefully investigating several cases, it looks like the problem is with the traffic source/publisher.

As you may notice from the screenshot, clicks coming from these publishers are not going to the designated campaign links in the tracker, while on the other hand you are still getting charged for these clicks.
It may not be disturbing if this happens randomly with only a few clicks, but on a larger scale this can seriously hurt your campaign ROI.

Deploying a simple automatic rule like this, will help you save quite a lot on your ad spent that is getting wasted on such publishers.

You can always check if your campaigns are bleeding money on such placements or not. Try TheOptimizer Native for free for 15 days and get rid of such money wasting placements on auto-pilot.