50+ Clean and Ready to Use Native Landing Pages

As you may already know there are two key reasons why everyone recommends using a landing page when running affiliate marketing campaigns:

First, it helps on better optimizing your campaigns by giving you visibility to some additional metrics in your campaign performance tracking (LP Clicks, Ctr, CR and so on). So in other words, more metrics to optimize your campaign on.
Second, but not less important it helps on improving the conversion rate of your campaign offers.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to create a new landing page from scratch or properly clean a ripped one. Although using ripped landing pages saves lots of time (and top affiliates are doing this as well), the downside is that they usually contain sneaky redirect scripts that may steal your traffic. Disturbing, right?

No worries, we got your back! It doesn’t matter if you have or┬ádon’t have the required coding skills needed to prepare your landing pages. We borrowed some of the best performing landing pages we found on Adplexity Native and cleaned them up for you. Simply download a copy of these ready to use landing pages and make sure to place your tracking link in them.