Native Advertising: 100+ Headlines Used By Affiliate Marketers In 2018

Headlines have always been exceptionally important for the success of any marketing campaign because they’re the first impression users have of your content, and they may choose to click through or avoid your content altogether based on the information you pack into just a few words.

There are a number of well known headline formulas that work pretty well.  Things like “The Top 10 _____” have been reliable standbys, but over the years, consumers have gotten used to these formulas, and they’re starting to blend in as white noise. So if you want to stand out in native advertising during 2018, you’ll need to come up with headlines that break the molds but still adhere to effective angles, such as including numbers and sounding compelling.

Because this is a hard balance to strike, we decided to go over Adplexity Native and manually hand-pick more than 100 top performing headlines used by affiliate marketers during the last 6 months.


  1. $250 Internet Sensation Creating New Millionaires in [COUNTRY]
  2. [CITY] Casino Insider Exposes A Legal Trick That Can’t Be Stopped
  3. [CITY] Man Shares His Successful Bitcoin Investment System
  4. [CITY] Mom Reveals Eyebag Remedy: Forget Surgery, Do This Once Daily Instead
  5. [CITY] People Leave Their Jobs After Watching This Video
  6. [COUNTRY] Cardiologist Says Carbs Are Not The Problem (This Is)
  7. [COUNTRY] Cardiologist: Stop Taking Probiotics Before This Happens
  8. [COUNTRY] is Testing Sewage to Determine How Much Marijuana People Are Using
  9. [COUNTRY] Mum Reveals Eyebag Remedy: Forget Surgery, Do This Once Daily Instead
  10. [COUNTRY] Woman Earns Online From Home
  11. [COUNTRY]: How People Get the New Iphone X for Only [PRICE]
  12. [COUNTRY]: You May Be Infected With This If You Have Bad Breath
  13. 1 Brilliant Tip To ‘Melt’ Belly Fat While You Sleep!
  14. 1 Simple Method Removes Eye Bags & Lip Lines
  15. 20 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly
  16. 3 simple tips how to make money in crisis
  17. 3 week egg slimming diet. What is it? Look here!
  18. 9 Proofs You’re Way More Beautiful Than You Think
  19. All Senior Drivers Should Navigate [COUNTRY] Roads Wearing These
  20. An Exciting Breakthrough in Natural Weight Loss!
  21. Bad Breath Can Be A Reason Of Parasites In Your Body. Drink This Daily To Detox
  22. Bad Breath Could Lead To Death – Learn The Shocking Truth!
  23. Bad Breath Is A Sign You Need To Detox
  24. Banks Don’t Want You To Know About This Brilliant PPI Check
  25. Bitcoin’s Richest [CITY] City Dad Has a Meltdown from New Fortune
  26. Casinos Don’t Expect You To Do This But They Can’t Stop You
  27. Casinos Hate When You Do This, But This Is Not Cheating
  28. Chatting With These Babes Will Make Boredom Fade Away
  29. Chiropractors: This Simple Solution ”Ends” Decades of Back Pain (Try Today)
  30. Congratulations – You Just Qualified For 150 Free Spins!
  31. Dental Implants Used to Be Expensive – Not Anymore
  32. Diabetes Discovery That Will Bankrupt Corrupt Doctors (Try It Tonight)
  33. Diet Expert Tells All: “It’s Like A Powerwash For Your Insides”
  34. Dirty Self Defence Tricks That End a Fight in 3-5 Seconds
  35. Do You Earn 7L/Year?Get Your Credit Card In 2mins Now!
  36. Dreamy Asian Girls Can’t Wait To Flirt With You Here
  37. Egg yolks will help lose weight quickly. Mix them with …
  38. Eggs cooked this way burn fat. Make sure to…
  39. Elon Musk Secret Video Revealed on Bitcoin
  40. Expires Soon: New Iphone X Sold for $1 in [CITY]!
  41. Exposed! $250 Secret Turning Australians into Millionaires
  42. Foray of Big Pharma in the [COUNTRY] Cannabidiol Industry
  43. Gamers around the world have been waiting for this game! Already 35 million players
  44. Get Rid Of 9.5 KG Of Belly Fat In Just A Month
  45. Get the Best Homeopathy Treatment for your Hair fall.
  46. Hanging fat removed in 2 weeks! Simply in the morning on an empty stomach…
  47. Harrow Granny Stuns Doctors by Remoiving Her Wrinkles with This [PRICE] Tip
  48. Having Any One Of These 10 Traits Means You’re Hot
  49. Here Is A Natural Detox Recipe!
  50. Here’s Why Guys Are Obsessed With This Underwear…
  51. How does The Credit Score Affect You?
  52. How Older Women “Fix” Lip Lines & Smoker’s Wrinkles
  53. How This 22 Year Old Boy Beat the Casino!
  54. How to Make Money Online: the Unspoken Secret
  55. How To Tell When A Slot Is Close To Hitting The Jackpot | Jackpot Secrets
  56. How to Win the Lottery
  57. How To: Get ‘Rid’ Of Herpes For Good – Try It Today
  58. I ate as usual and lost 5kg in 3 days! In the morning on an empty stomach …
  59. I Got Rid Of Parasites Doing This Natural Trick Every Morning
  60. I put my lemon in the microwave and the result was amazing
  61. In only 20 mins a day, you can start speaking a new language with this app
  62. Isodiol Gears Up to Acquire Biosythesis Pharma Group
  63. Jewish New Year fruit may hold seeds of hope for brain disease sufferers
  64. Learn how to earn money on the fluctuations of the exchange rate
  65. Local Area Mom Stuns Doctors by Removing Her Wrinkles with This R 78 Tip
  66. MD: Do This Immediately If You Have Tinnitus (Ear Ringing)
  67. Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This
  68. Mum Removes Eyebags & Lip Lines with 1 Simple $4 Home Remedy
  69. My Sister May Never Wake Up From A Coma Without Your Help
  70. Need Extra Cash? Learn to Trade and Earn an Extra Income
  71. New ED Discovery Leaves Doctors Speechless (Do It Tonight)
  72. New Vision Discovery Is Leaving Optometrists Baffled (Watch Now)
  73. No More Ear Ringing (Tinnitus) If You Do This
  74. One Cup of This Will Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  75. Online trading platform for beginners and professionals
  76. Optometrists Baffled: Do This Immediately to Restore Vision Clarity
  77. Optometrists Speechless: Do This Immediately To Restore Vision Clarity
  78. Play This For 1 Minute and See Why Everyone is Addicted
  79. Powerful “New Fat Loss Drink” Leaves Doctors Speechless! (Make It Tonight)
  80. Realistic Game For Men
  81. Remember Her? Take A Deep Breath Before You See What She Looks Like Now
  82. Rich People In [COUNTRY] Want This Video Banned. Hurry Up And Watch
  83. See the Site Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Find
  84. She’s Online And Wants A Date In Few Hours. Join And Chat Now!
  85. Spring Is A Time For Detox! Click Here
  86. Stop Hairfall and Grow Your Hair Back! Try This Natural Product Now!
  87. Stop! Don’t Buy Gold Until You Read This Free Report
  88. Take (1) Cup of This (Before Bed) & Flush Away Your Belly Fat!
  89. Take This (Before Bed) & Melt Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
  90. The [PRICE] Bitcoin Truth Creating Millionaires In [COUNTRY]
  91. The 7 Habits For A Happy Retirement
  92. The device will make it easier for people to use digital coins
  93. The Doctors Have Found a Radically New Way to Lose Weight! Read More!
  94. The Game, Where You Can Build A Cosmic Empire On A Lonely …
  95. The Most Unexpected Way To Get Rich In [CITY]
  96. The One WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know About
  97. The Rise of Ai and the Autonomous Cloud
  98. These 2 Vegetables Can Kill Your Belly Fat Overnight!
  99. These European Singles Are Too Much Fun To Miss Out On
  100. These Flirty Babes Know How To Cheer You Up
  101. This [COUNTRY] Woman is Actually A Self-Made Millionaire
  102. This 9-Minute No-Equipment Workout Will Make You Burn 300+…
  103. This Crazy Method Ends Ear Ringing (Tinnitus) – Watch
  104. This Medieval Fantasy Game Has So Many Twists And Curves
  105. This Selfie Drone is Insane. New Trend in [COUNTRY]. It’s Crazy Genius
  106. This Simple Method “Melts” Belly Fat While You …
  107. Thousands of People in [COUNTRY] Are Cancelling Netflix for This Free Service
  108. Throw away your mining gear! Now you don”t need a high performance to…
  109. Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Under $50 (2018 Edition)
  110. Top 10 Online Stock Trading – Compare Best [COUNTRY] Trading Brokers
  111. TV Sets Are Becoming Outdated Thanks To This New Device.
  112. Unemployed [CITY] Multi-millionaire Dad Reveals Bitcoin Secret
  113. Unemployed Cordillera Multi-millionaire Dad Reveals Bitcoin Secret
  114. Warning: This game will keep you awake all night!
  115. We Are a Platform of Licensed Producers Dedicated to Cannabis for Medical Use
  116. Weight loss was never so easy!
  117. Why do people invest in Bitcoins? Here is the truth
  118. Women Like Her Want A Man Over 35
  119. Worried About HairFall? You Can “Regrow” Your Hair. Book Now
  120. Young Ladies Are Here To Find Mature Men
  121. Your Guide to Online Blackjack | Search for Online Blackjack for Beginners

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