HillTopAds Is Now Supported (Beta)

We are happy to announce the release of a new traffic source, in high request by our users, HillTopAds (Beta)

Now you can fully automate the optimization of your HillTopAds campaigns by connecting it to your TheOptimizer Mobile account.



If you are not familiar with TheOptimizer platform, here is shortly what you get once you have connected your HillTopAds account:

  • Accurate Cost & Revenue at campaign and zone level
    This allows you to always have a clear view of the performance, without having to go back and forth between your tracker and source to check costs and revenues.
  • Pause/Resume campaigns or zones
    Blocking your bad performing zones or campaigns manually becomes a really easy and time saving task.
    No more need to:  1) Copy the zone IDs 2)  Login to your HillTopAds account 3) Blacklist the zones.
    This becomes now a single click operation, with all the stats in front of you so there are no margins for errors.
  • Create automatic rules to put your campaigns in auto-pilot
    Easy manual optimization is one thing, but the real  potential ofTheOptimizer is Automatic Optimization. You can create rules which will run 24/7 and will make sure to optimize your campaigns based on the conditions you set. 
    So no need to refresh your stats every 5minutes to make sure  you catch those money draining zones in time, this now can be taken care by TheOptimizer while you can focus on launching more campaigns.