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This is what I was looking for! Great!
Can you please explain it how to read the data collected? A LP is visited by humans, dumb and js bots.
I guess humnas generate visits and real offer clicks, js bots generate conversions, visits and clicks, dumb bots visits + clicks. So how to read the voluum report to spot the placement with bots – js or dumb?

Thanks for your question!

Hiding your Click URL behind a javascript function will make it impossible for dummy/basic bots to click it. On the other hand, smart/javascript capable bots will be able to process the javascript function that contains the Click URL, therefore they will be able to hit both available Click functions in your landing page. The one for human and the other one added for this type of bots.

A quick comparison of the stats between your real offer and the fake offer for bots will help you realize what’s the ratio between real and fake clicks.

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