Case study: Profitable Pop Campaigns using TheOptimizer & Adsbridge

Set it & Forget it!

Having Profitable Pop campaigns in autopilot its possible!

In this post we’re going to show step-by-step how to have your auto-optimized campaigns using TheOptimzer Mobile and Adsbridge as a tracking platform.

It will be divided in 2 parts:

Part 1:  Setting up your tracker and traffic sources on TheOptimizer

Part 2: The case study:

  • Find the right offer
  • Pick 2 traffic sources for the test
  • Launching the campaigns and setting up the auto-optimization rules
  • Monitor the progress for 3 days


Part 1: The Setup


First thing we need to do, is connect our tracker and traffic sources with TheOptimizer, so that we will be able to have access to all the auto-optimization power that TheOptimizer provides.

For this case study we are going to use Adsbridge as a tracker, and Zeropark + Popcash as traffic sources.

The setup is made really easy using our Account Wizard which can be found on the left menu and which will guide you through a step-by-step setup process, as shown below:


Account Wizard – Connect your traffic source and your tracker.


As you can see from the animation above, during the setup you will be asked to enter some info like username/pass or API keys. So before starting make sure to have those by hand.

Here is where you can find those infos in case of Adsbridge, Zeropark and Popcash:


Adsbridge API info:

  1. Login to your Adsbridge account
  2. From the top right corner, under your avatar, select “My Account”
  3. You will need 2 fields from here: ID and Api Key


Adsbridge API info

Zeropark API info:

  1. Login to Zeropark
  2. Go to “My Account” -> “Security”
  3. Find the Access tokens section and clicks “Add New” to generate a new API token

Zeropark API info

Popcash API info:

To get the API info for you Popcash account you need to send an e-mail to their support and ask them to give you access.


Part 2: The Case Study


Now that we have TheOptimizer setup and ready to go, the next step is to find an offer and launch our campaigns.

Regarding the offer, we will keep it simple and use Monetizr. For those not familiar with Monetizr, it is a smart link platform, where you can get a single link and they will optimize the offers from you so that your traffic goes to the best performing offers.


The reason why we chose Monetizr is that if we can make it work with a generic smart link, then it should be much more easier if you find your specific/exclusive offers for the sam geo.


So to recap we will be using these resources during the case study:

Optimization: TheOptimizer Mobile/Pop

Tracker: Adsbridge

Traffic sources: Zeropark, Popcash

Offer Network: Monetizr


DAY 1:

Picking the offer, launching the campaigns and creating the first automatic rule.

  1. The Offer: first step is to decide which geo are we going to use for this case study.
    We need to pick a geo that is generating a good daily revenue (so that we can have enough data to optimize) but that has also some decent epc. After a quick look to the Monetizr dashboard, we noticed that IT is on the top of the list as a revenue generator. A closer look to the insights showed that Android OS is performing much better than iOS, and 3G is way better than WiFi.So at the end we decided to go with the top of the list:   Geo: Italy – OS: Android – Connection: 3G
  2. Launching campaigns: Now that we got the offer, the next step is to create our campaigns on Zeropark and Popcash.
    Remember that the targeting will be: OS=Android, Connection=3G only, Daily Budget = $10
  3. The First Rule: Once the campaigns are approved, we will create generic optimization rule to make sure that the spending of our campaigns is under control.
    The rule is simple:  “If a publisher spent more than $0.5 and has no conversions, block it”.Once we got more data we can update the rule and/or add new ones.But for now we need it to be a little aggressive so that we clean the low-quality-traffic of the first day.

TheOptimizer: Creating The First Rule


Cost Conv. Revenue EPA (EarnPerAction) ROI Notes
Zeropark $10 3 $2.4 $0.8 -76%
  • Daily Budget: $10
  • Bid: $0.003
Popcash $3 1 $0.32 $0.32 -$89%
  • Daily Budget: $10
  • Bid: $0.003


Performance: Day 1


Looking at TheOptimizer’s System Activity we can also see that our rule was executed :

System Activity – Day 1



DAY 2:


After the first day cleaning that the  rule has performed , there is  already an important ROI improvement on both of our campaigns the next day:

Cost Conv. Revenue EPA (EarnPerAction) ROI Notes
Zeropark $12.1 26 $10.9 $0.41 -9%
  • Increased daily budget from  $10 to $30
  • Increased bid to $0.005 because the campaign is reacting good so far
Popcash $3.9 3 $0.96 $0.32 -$75%
  • Increased bid fom $0.003 to $0.005 because daily budget is not getting reached







DAY 3:


Because of the bid change we made to the Zeropark campaign the day before, a drop on ROI was expectable, and it happened.

Now that we have some more data, we can calculate our CPA goal, and create optimization rules that will block publishers  based on the CPA goal.

Cost Conv. Revenue EPA (EarnPerAction) ROI Notes
Zeropark $30 14 $7.6 $0.54 -75%
  • Created new optimization rule based on CPA
  • CPA goal for this campaign is $0.6
Popcash $13.9 8 $2.56 $0.32 -$80%
  • Created new optimization rule based on CPA
  • CPA goal for this campaign is $0.4







Here is an animation that shows how we can create the CPA goal rule on TheOptimizer:

CPA Goal Rule Example



Onn day 4 we’re finally seeing some results. Nothing big of course, but the important lesson here is that with the help of the automation you can focus on launching more campaigns daily, and let TheOptimizer do the job for you.

Cost Conv. Revenue EPA (EarnPerAction) ROI Notes
Zeropark $25 40 $29.6 $0.625 18.4%
Popcash $4.39 19 $5 $0.23 13.8%


Performance Day 4