21 Landing Pages That Dominated Mobile Pops in 2017

Loved by seasoned marketers and initially feared by beginners, landing pages are one of the most important puzzle pieces of our funnels. There is where we implement time-tested marketing techniques to grab our visitor’s attention and excite them to convert. There is where we get the chance to improve the conversion rate of even those bad hard converting offers, that are suggested from some AMs as Top Converters. Why? It’s simple, a visitor whose attention and desire to convert was initially won on our landing page, has few or no barriers on the offer we pushing through.

This is why it is so important to always have them present in our funnels and besides that gives us better insights on the traffic quality we are purchasing.

But some marketers that aren’t much familiar with basic HTML/JavaScript coding, mostly prefer to run direct linked campaigns instead. Which sometimes comes down to three simple reasons:

  • Worse-case scenario: They are Lazy
  • The offers they are pushing already have a landing page in their funnel
  • The offer has been already tested and showed to convert better without a landing page

Come and think of it… The advertiser or affiliate network is already serving you an offer with a landing page in it and certainly they have a good reason to do that – the offer converts best with it.

Along with the previous blog post about What went on during 2017 on Pop traffic, we at TheOptimizer decided to go deeper and bring the list of the most used landing pages on four verticals run on Pop traffic during 2017. Without further ado, let’s go through the landers list.[/vc_column_text]

1. Sweepstakes

2. Antivirus

3. App Installs

4. Mobile content

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