Setup Content.ad Tracking Tokens with Voluum

Being one of the most important puzzle pieces in performance marketing campaigns, we have to make sure to properly setup tracking from our traffic source to our tracker. This way we are able to easily identify what are the key variables that are fueling our campaign’s revenue and which are those that are just wasting precious ad budget.

In this guide we will go on a step by step tracking setup of Content.ad with Voluum tracker.Once you’ve already created an Advertiser account on Content.ad the next step is to configure your account on your Voluum tracker account.1. Login to your Voluum account and go to:
Traffic Sources > New traffic source > Create custom (in the New traffic source – template screen)Voluum Custom traffic source configuration

2. In the New traffic source configuration screen enter your traffic source name and tracking parameters.

You can pass data through your campaign content links using the below tracking tokens.

Tracking token Description
[did] Domain ID. Identifies site from which this visitor originated.
[cid] Campaign ID. Identifies the campaign from which this content is served.
[adid] Ad ID. Identifies the specific content in a campaign that was clicked.
[click_key] Click Key. Identifies an individual click.

Add Campaign ID, Ad ID and Domain ID tracking parameters in your Content.ad custom tracking variables in Voluum.

Note: Make sure tracking toggle button on the right side of each variable is switched to ON (as in the above example).

3. Click Save and continue setting up your campaign.

Extra Tip!

When creating your campaigns on Content.ad configure your tracking parameters on your campaign level. Then when adding Ads to your campaign, just paste your Voluum campaign tracking link without tracking parameters. This way, in case you need to update your tracking parameters, you can do it right on your campaign level without updating your ad links, in which case your camp will be sent for review again.

Add your tracking parameters on the campaign level.

This way the above specified tracking parameters will be automatically added to your ad links.

With everything in place, you just need to start your campaign and optimize it based on the information collected on your voluum tracker.

Considering the actual level of competition in native advertising, automation is your best weapon to gain an advantage over your competitors.