Using TheOptimizer.io with ThriveTracker & RevContent

In this post we will go through the simple steps of setting up ThriveTracker and RevContent on TheOptimizer.io, and start using the platform to automate your campaign optimization process.

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Also we are going to illustrate how easy is with TheOptimizer.io to have full control over every piece of you campaigns (budgets, bids, widgets and contents performance,  and also landing pages and offers performance) without having to ever leave the platform.


1. Account Wizard: connect ThriveTracker and RevContent

The first step is to connect you tracker (ThriveTracker) with you traffic source (RevContent) sot that you can start seeing your campaigns on TheOptimizer dashboard.

During this step you will be asked to enter the API credentials for ThriveTracker and Revcontent (TheOptimizer will user these credentials to pull your stats from both platforms and aggregate them on a single dashboard):

  • ThriveTracker API information

The information you will need are: API Key, API Secret and Security Token

  1.  Login to your ThriveTracker account
  2. On the up-right corner menu go to “Settings” -> “API Access”:
  3. You will then find all the API info under the API Authentication tab
  • Revcontent API information

The information you will need are: Client ID and Client Secret.

Client Id and Client Secret can be found in your RevContent Account Settings (see image below):


Once you have all this infos in hand, simply fire-up the Account Wizard from the menu on the left and follow the step-by-step process:

TheOptimizer.io | Account Wizard

2. Explore the dashboard

After you successfully connected ThriveTracker and RevContent on the first step, you will see your campaigns on the dashboard and can immediately start exploring all the power of TheOptimizer.

Here are all the features that you’ll have access to:

  •  Update Campaign’s bid/budget

    You can update your camapign’s CPC or daily/total budgets from TheOptimizer dashboard by simply clicking the $ icon next to the campaign name

    TheOptimizer.io | Update Bids and Budgets

  •  Pause/resume campaign

    You can pause or resume a campaign by clicking the Pause/Resume button.

  •  Dayparting

    You can decide which hours of the day and which days of the week you want your campaign to run by enabling the Dayparting on that campaign.


TheOptimizer.io | Dayparting

3. Campaign in depth performance overview

If you click on a campaign name, you will enter a more detailed view, where you can see the performance of widgets, target categories, contents, and also your landing pages and offers from ThriveTracker:

  •  Widgets tab: Cost & revenue per widget id, pause/enable widgets
  • Contents tab: Cost & revenue per content id, pause/enable a content
  • Tracker View tab: Have a live oveview of your landing pages and offers performance and change weights without having to leave the platform.
  • Rules tab: Create or assign an existing rule to a campaignHere it’s what it looks like:

    TheOptimizer.io | Campaign Details

4. Your first automatic rule

One of the power features of TheOptimizer is the possibility to create automatic rules based on your optimization criteria (epc, roi, ctr, cvr, cpa, cost, conversions etc) and have them executed with regular intervals which you will also decide.

The screen-cast below illustrates how easy is to create and re-use rules among many campaigns:

TheOptimizer.io | Create New Rule

You can find some ready to use rule examples by visiting our knowledge base.


5. *NEW* Bulk upload new contents to your campaigns

With this new feature you can create tens of new ads in seconds by combining a list of your selected headlines and images. No more manual one-by-one uploading.


TheOptimizer.io | Content Uploader

6. *NEW* Find new images for your campaigns

Another very cool feature which allows you to Find new RELEVANT images to your existing ads by using our intelligent algorithm that ca search inside images. You will be amazed from the results 🙂

TheOptimizer.io | Image Suggestion

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