Top 5 Reasons Your Native Camps are Bleeding Money

From a few years now, Native Advertising has become one of the most attractive performance marketing channels. Along with the rise of interest and competition, there is a whooping jump of traffic costs. While this jump has not delivered improved traffic quality, sophisticated bot traffic is being purchased at a very high price – investing in time and technology to fight it, or using overcharged third-party detection services.

Even though traffic quality is considered to be a never-ending concern for most media buyers, that is not necessarily the cause why your native campaigns are bleeding money. Let’s get into more details.

1. Stopping a Promising Campaign Too Early

This happens quite often! Many media buyers, are dropping off a promising campaign too early from the fear of wasting too much budget. You need to do your due diligence! If a promising campaign have been running for a while and you are just starting out, odds are that you need to outperform the competition.

2. Underestimating the Importance of Optimization

We are all guilty of underestimating the importance of the optimization process. In native advertising, hasty decisions can result in huge budget waste and having a sound optimization process is a must. Coupled with a good performing offer, optimization done right will always pay off.

3. Using Over-Saturated Content

Imagine if you were the visitor of some specific targeted sites, which by the way are being targeted by other media buyers as well, using the same creatives, angles, landing pages and offers. Getting across that same content everywhere, would make you blind in front of it, hence never converting. We need to always test new angles, images, landing pages and offers. If coming up with new things every day is your main issue, try playing with minor twists – you will be impressed of the results.

4. Insufficient, Excessive or No Split-Testing at all

Cutting a creative, landing page, offer too early or too late, can easily result in budget waste. Either test until you reach statistical significance and make sound decisions, or don’t bother split-testing at all. Always cut losers, focus on winners and introduce new players – this way you can make sure you’re not blowing a profitable spot away.

5. Lack of control

It’s no surprise that a dinner with friends or family, or even a good sleep can cost you a fortune. Just because you were not there to optimize your campaign on time. That’s why seasoned warriors, are always investing in technology and automation. Unless you plan to stay over your campaigns 24/7, chances are a significant amount of budget will be wasted.

Hopefully during the few months, many optimization and automation platforms have emerged in the performance marketing industry. Taking out the need of investing in eggshell custom coded tools and available even for non-tech savvy marketers.
Platforms like TheOptimizer Native use API integration to all major traffic sources and trackers, providing accurate campaign analytics and impeccable rule based optimization in one place. In addition, TheOptimizer.io will soon release its proprietary auto-optimization algorithm, which will deliver compromised optimization.
Why waste time on manual tasks? Start automating!