TheOptimizer Native: Fresh New Look & Features!

We’re excited to unveil a fresh new look for TheOptimizer Native! Designed with extensive user feedback in mind, our updated interface makes it even easier to manage and optimize your native advertising campaigns on auto-pilot.

The first thing you will notice about the new interface is its new color palette and clean design, perfectly organized as well as pleasing to look at visually. But that is not all! Along with the re-design of the interface, this update focuses on improving data accessibility as well as navigation within the platform. Here are some of the new enhancements you will see in this new release.

Flexible Tables – More room for your campaign stats without getting lost New!

Quickly navigate through your campaign statistics, leveraging our new flexible tables that give more room to viewing your stats, as well as sticky columns that help keeping on focus the main entities of the report like campaign names, widgets ids, contents, etc.

Widget/Content Performance Breakdown New!

Quickly view and analyze widget or content performance individually without leaving TheOptimizer Native interface. Dive into their performance using specific date or hour ranges as well as view their performance change. This way you can make actionable decisions about your top-performing widgets and ads on the go.

Global Search New!

Whether you’re looking to quickly jump on a specific campaign, automatic optimization rule, smart list, action log, etc… – all you need to do is to simply type its name or property details on the main search box.

Campaign View New!

Now you can pause or start a campaign, duplicate it, change its targeting settings, or even change campaign-level bids and daily budgets right within the campaign’s view, without having to go back on the campaign’s main page.

Table Column Settings Updated!

Quickly arrange table columns making sure you bring your most important campaign statistics on the order that you like.

User Profile Subscription Overview New!

In this new user profile settings page you will not only be able to add all the information you need for your account but also have a clear view of your current subscription spend coverage, overages, estimations, etc.

Along with the above-mentioned updates, you will also find a fresh new look at our automatic rules, campaign creation, account integrations, etc.


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