Meet the All-New Automatic Optimization Rules – TheOptimizer Mobile

Tired of dealing with poor-performing publishers or push ads that just waste budgets? No landing page clicks, no conversions – no nothing. What about scaling up or down your campaigns right on time?  Also, what if you could create dynamic rules that can be adopted to any campaign?

Check this out, this update has everything you need!

Campaign Payout

Using the revenue and the number of conversions from your tracker, TheOptimizer Mobile now can quickly show you your average payout on the campaign level.

Rotating offers with different payouts? No worries, that will be updated and averaged for the selected date range so that your average campaign payout is always up-to-date. Or in case you’d like to, you can easily set your campaign payout to a fixed value. Simply click on it and add the fixed value you want to.

Earnings per Mile (EPM)

Whenever you buy traffic on a CPM (cost per mile) model, you need to take a close look to your EPM (earnings per mile). This way you can easily make sure your campaigns, publishers or ads are profitable. And on top of that, you can easily tweak your CPM to match your EPM whenever you can.

Dynamic Rule Conditions

Create rules using conditions that can easily compare publisher or ad-level metrics to those of the campaign level, payout, daily budget, total budget, etc… With this one only, you can easily replace multiple rules to a single one.

Ti give you a better idea of how versatile TheOptimizer Mobile new automatic optimization rules are, we have prepared a few rule examples you can implement right away to your Push or Pop/Redirect campaigns

Block Campaign - 10x Payout No Conversion (testing)
Block Publisher - 20% Daily Budget Spend No LP Click No Conversion
Block Publisher - 2x Payout No Conversions
Block Publisher - 1x Payout No LP Click No Conversion
Change Campaign Budget - Auto Scale on Profitable Days

Activate Your TheOptimizer Mobile Account Now and Start Automating!

Quickly manage and optimize your Push, Pop and Redirect campaigns on any traffic source.

Integrated with PropellerAds, Zeropark, PopAds, Popcash, ExoClick, PlugRush, HilltopAds, ClickAdu, RichPush, Evadav, Active Revenue, EZ Mob, RTX Platform, AdsTerra, PushGround

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