Yahoo Gemini Optimizatino

Conquering Yahoo Gemini with Automation

In order to get the wanted results from your campaigns on Yahoo Gemini/Oath, you often need to deal with multiple variables in a short amount of time. Situation which when running multiple campaigns over multiple traffic networks simultaneously becomes really challenging. Hopefully nowadays, you don’t need to rely on a huge team of media buyers which can make costly mistakes, but rather integrate a campaign management system like TheOptimizer Native and run more efficiently.

And in terms of efficiency here’s a quick list of optimization tasks (including examples) you can automate through TheOptimizer Native.

Click on each title to expand the examples:

Automatically Pause / Activate Campaigns
Automatically Pause / Activate Ads
Yahoo Gemini Ad Optimization Rules
Automatically Pause / Activate Ad Groups
Yahoo Gemini Ad Group Rules
Automatically Block / Unblock Widgets (sites)
Yahoo Gemini Site Optimization Rules
Automatically Change Campaign Daily Budget
Yahoo Gemini Daily Budget Rules
Automatically Change Ad Group Bid
Yahoo Gemini Ad Group Bid Rules
Automatically Change Site Bid
Yahoo Gemini Site Bid Rules
Automatically Change Site Modifier
Yahoo Gemini Site Bid Modifier Rules
Advanced Day Parting

But that is not all…

If you hate wasting time to create campaigns manually or using ugly CSV files, we’ve got you covered! 😉

Using TheOptimizer Native you can upload multiple ads and campaign variations in a single flow.

Don't Waste Time on Manual Tasks!

Save yourself some time and the trouble of manually aggregating stats or blocking under-performing publishers, ads, changing bids and budgets, uploading contents and so on.

Using TheOptimizer Native you can automate all your Yahoo Gemini / Oath campaign optimization tasks in a matter of minutes.

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