Automatic Widget Bidding for RevContent

Automatic Widget Bidding for RevContent

We are thrilled to announce that starting from today TheOptimizer Native users will be able not only to place Automatic Bids on the Widget level for RevContent, but upload custom calculated widget bids too using csv.

Using such a granular automatic optimization capability on your campaigns, will allow you to effortlessly optimize as well as scale your RevContent campaigns on time.

Please note that Widget level bidding for RevContent is not available on all accounts by default. In case you don’t have it yet, make sure to contact your account manager or RevContent support and ask them to enable this capability for you.

How does Automatic Widget Bidding for RevContent work?

Automating your widget bidding strategy for your RevContent campaigns is pretty simple. All you need to do is create an automatic rule where you specify based on which conditions your widget bids will change and how often.

Using TheOptimizer Native Widget Bid Change rules for RevContent you can:

  • Set the bid to a specific value or percentage of your EPC
  • Increase the bid by a specific dollar amount or percentage
  • Decrease the bid by a specific dollar amount or percentage

Here’s a rule example that helps on keeping your widgets CPC at 80% of their EPC:

Bulk Widgets Bid Update using CSV

If you are a Power-User you will love this! Especially if you would like to update widget bids based on your personal winning bid calculation formula.

All you need to do is to download an accurate performance report (csv) from TheOptimizer Native, calculate new widget bids using your formula, then upload it back in TheOptimizer Native.
To upload the new bids, simply go on the Widgets tab within a campaign then go to Bulk Actions > Upload Widgets Bid then paste the new bids as below.

Bulk Widget Uploader for RevContent

Try Automatic Widget Bidding for Your RevContent Campaigns for Free!

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