We are happy to announce the integration of!

An easy to use ad tracking solution for performance and affiliate marketers. Control and optimization based on impression, clicks and postbacks data. Multiple integrations and automation to get started with traffic analytics and optimization in minutes.
What makes RedTrack different is not the features or affordable pricing. In the end, every feature can be copied and every pricing can be matched. What makes RedTrack different is the focus on the user through attitude: prompt support, free onboarding, academy, courses & webinars, YouTube and Telegram channels. It’s about constant, 2-way communication.

Besides basic feature-set, RedTrack also offers:

  • Direct traffic tracking pixel — track Google, Yandex, Facebook, MyTarget Ads, and other sources including organic traffic and eliminate the risk of being banned;
  • Unique visitor cap. The filter allows you to limit the number of times each particular offer will be shown to the same visitor. If the user has already seen the offer, he will be shown a different offer within the same Campaign to increase the chance of getting a conversion;
  • Bot/proxy filter. RedTrack helps to prevent bot traffic at several levels — via bot blacklisting, proxy filtering, and FraudScore integration. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the user leverages several steps of bot protection, and enjoys detailed reports on fraudulent traffic;
  • LP Protect. Protect your landing pages from bots and spy tools;
  • Multi-access. RedTrack fully covers the needs of media buying teams. With multi-user access by RedTrack, involve the team to have better control over ad campaign performance. Define the access levels for every team member, and cooperate on shared elements to increase the overall ROI;
  • 30+ metrics for traffic monitoring and analysis, including source, network, campaign, offer, lander, geo (country, city), OS, browser type and version, connection type, device, IP address, click date and time, 10 subID’s, and referrer, etc.;
  • Flexible postback settings. The tracker offers 4 possible options for duplicate postback — the feature for pro-affiliates, but still super useful for receiving the full information about conversions (especially, for such verticals, as nutra, e-commerce, and gambling), etc.

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