Native Advertising 2018 The Year in Review

If you think that during 2018 Facebook was again the only revenue stream of online marketers and agencies, you’d better think twice.

According to US social media users ages 18 to 24 who were surveyed by Origin for PR firm Hill Holliday in December 2017, 22% said they considered quitting any form of social media due to privacy concerns. Far more common reasons were feeling that they were wasting time (41%) or seeing too much negativity on the platforms (35%).

If Social Networks are losing a significant amount of their active users on Gen Z – what about Gen X-ers and baby boomers? After all, these individuals tend to be more guarded about their privacy and more likely to be comfortable reverting to other forms of communication.

Of course it’s not that these individuals are going back to just tv, newspaper and magazines. As a matter of fact, there’s a huge inventory of content on the internet welcoming different ad formats that fuel online advertising – and according to the numbers native is one of the best performing ones.

To give you a better idea of what we are talking about, let’s dive into some data for 2018 using two of the most reputable sources when it comes to competitive intelligence and web traffic monitoring tools: Adplexity Native and SimilarWeb.

The Numbers Behind Native Advertising during 2018

According to SimilarWeb the total number of visits delivered by native advertising networks during 2018 (Dec 2017 – Nov 2018) is more than 12 billion.

Ad NetworkTotal VisitsDesktop TrafficMobile TrafficMonthly VisitsMonthly Unique VisitsAvg. Visit DurationPages/VisitBounce Rate

To translate the above number of visits into campaigns, we went on Adplexity Native and during 2018 only, it has detected more than 330k campaigns. Here’s a quick overview of the total number of detected campaigns from each traffic source.

Traffic Network# of Camps
Yahoo Gemini7245

Furthermore, while analyzing the data reported on Adplexity, we noticed that out of 330k detected campaigns 2/3 of the traffic was focused on the following country and language targeting as well as offer networks.

CountriesLanguagesOffer Networks
United States (49967)English (237991)VikingClicks (5367)
United Kingdom (26269)Spanish (46729)ClickBank (5256)
Canada (22707)Portuguese (14963)ClickSure (4271)
Brazil (18900)German (13780)Oasis (3185)
Germany (15188)Russian (13031)RewardsAffiliates (2669)
Indonesia (14956)French (9631)BinPartner (2663)
India (13578)Vietnamese (8389)AdCombo (2504)
Australia (13472)Italian (7372)ClickDealer (1621)
Viet Nam (12805)Indonesian (7175)Advidi (1129)
Thailand (12439)Thai (6974)GiddyUp (1047)

Hottest Growing Verticals

Of course the above numbers are quite attractive and without thinking much of it, there’s a huge opportunity when it comes to all the geos and verticals that are out of most brands and online marketers’ attention.

Continue reading the full report to find out more about

  • Hottest Growing Verticals
  • Top Performing Ads by Traffic Network
  • Top Offer Networks by Traffic Network
  • Top Performing eCommerce Ads on Native
  • Full Traffic Network Analysis (desktop/mobile referrers, monthly volumes, geo traffic share and more)

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