TheOptimizer Native – System Update v2.1.0

As you might already know, we are continuously working on adding more and more features to our platform in order to make media-buying easier than ever before.

In this last update released on December 7, 2018 among several performance and feature improvements we released some new feature that our users have been continuously asking for.

Here’s what you get on v2.1.0:

  • Automated Site Bids for Taboola – learn more
    Now you can create rules to automatically adjust Taboola site bids based on the performance. Look for the new rule type “Change Site Bid” under the Rules page to get started.
  • Tracker View for Voluum and Thrive tracker
    All users using Voluum or Thrive can now easily access the performance of their Landing Pages and Offers directly from TheOptimizer. Look for the “Tracker View” tab inside your campaign to access this view.
  • Added new stats interval in automatic rules: This Month
    A new optimization interval was added to the rules, “This Month”. So you can now create optimization rules based on this interval.


If you don’t see these changes yet, please perform a force refresh on your browser by pressing¬†¬†Shift + F5

Drop us a message at [email protected] in case you have any feature suggestion or request that will simplify your native ads campaigns management.

Still optimizing your native advertising campaigns manually?

Save yourself some time and the trouble of manually aggregating traffic source and tracker stats or manually blocking under-performing publishers, under-performing ads, changing bids and budgets, uploading contents and so on.

Don’t waste your time on boring stuff!

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